A Wide Spectrum Of Industries - Our Clients
Our products are used by various establishments in a variety of industries. These include :-

  • Pharmaceutical, Health Food & Chemical Manufacturing
    A variety of oleochemicals are specially selected for these industries.

  • Wax & Candle Manufacturers
    In the non-edible applications, vegetable-based fats and oils are important ingredients in these specialised industries

  • Feed Mill Manufacturers
    Animal - Feed supplement maul from 100% vegetable oils & fats.

  • Soap & Detergent Manufacturers
    Vegetable fats & oils and oleochemicals are excellent raw materials for soaps and detergents.

  • Chocolate Factories & Confectioneries
    We supply specialised fats & oils which form an important ingredient in the manufacturing of chocolates, biscuits, toffees and sweets

  • Ice Cream & Creamer Industries
    Our vegetable-based fats & oils are used to replace dairy-based fats and creams. Fats and oils for ice cream dips and coatings are tailored to specific requirements

  • Bakery & Table Applications
    Vegetable-based fats are gaining widespread popularity as shortening and margarine in bakeries. Vegetable-based fats in special packs for 'Table Application' are available in Margarine & Dairy Spreads.

  • Snack Food Manufacturers
    Vegetable-based fats are an healthy substitute to conventional frying oils


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